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Laser technology – innovation driver in many markets

Innovative production processes in industrial manufacturing is strongly influenced by the usage of modern laser technology.

The lasers utilized in laser material processing are exceptionally precise, can be used flexibly and are extremely reliable.

Efficient series production in the high-tech segment – such as in the automotive or semiconductor industry, in diagnostics and medical technology, or aerospace – can hardly be imagined without lasers.


Higher laser beam quality as a technological requirement

In addition to costs and the process throughput, quality and precision are also essential  criteria for success – for instance in order to attain higher edge quality or increasing  the removal rate, which in turn have a positive effect on efficiency.

Achieving this objective requires a higher laser beam quality that extends into the higher laser performance range.

High laser performance ranges require high LIDT values

The higher the laser performance range of the applied laser beam sources, the higher the requirements for the laser induced damage threshold for optical components in optical systems.

ACKTAR direct coatings are highly thermostable and exhibit exceptionally high LIDT values. This makes them suitable for very high laser performance and they absorb in a wide wavelength range from VIS to IR:

ACKTAR provides all absorbing components imaginable in order to improve the properties of optical systems – as complete components, direct coating or film that is applied on the respective components. Below is a small selection of products relevant for laser technology.

Absorption molding to increase laser beam quality

ACKTAR products provide an option for optimizing beam quality without changing the fundamental performance parameters of the laser beam source.

ACKTAR’s deep-black direct-coated absorption diaphragms for fiber laser cutting heads help prevent reflections in the optics that can result from diffraction or scattering.
The energy from the outer beam profiles is absorbed by the reliable and resilient black layer and energy is dissipated systematically as heat.

Only the highest quality laser beams are used for processing.

Available pinhole sizes of our blackened precision pinhole diaphragms.
(more custom dimensions available on request)

Beam dumps for controlled blocking of laser radiation

ACKTAR’s direct coated or film covered beam dumps block undesired or unused laser radiation in a controlled manner – with a high degree of safety, reliability and robustness.The application purpose can either be the reduction of disruptive back reflections, the prevention of overheating or the elimination of excessive noise.

The commenced laser beam is absorbed in order to prevent laser-induced damage or disturbance in optical systems and to safely dissipate the generated heat.

ACKTAR beam dumps are suitable for virtually all laser types in a wide wave length range, from EUV through VIS and up to LWIR.


Available laser beam diameter of our laser dumps