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Improved image quality of endoscopes – for reliable diagnostics

Endoscopy has long been a standard in medical diagnostics and enables numerous well-established therapy techniques.

It has become completely normal to guide an endoscope and thin surgical instrument through the skin and muscles in a minimally invasive procedure in order to perform the surgery with cuts that are as small as possible.

Camera endoscopes have become the medical doctor’s eyes. That is why the improved image quality of endoscopes is fundamental.

High image quality is a requirement for correct diagnosis

Medical endoscopes are subject to high standards, they must have high image resolution and maximum image quality – which is a requirement for diagnostic accuracy and crucial for choosing the appropriate therapy or course of surgery.

Camera-endoscopes contain fiber optic channels through which the required light reaches the inside of the body.

Endoscopes require highly sensitive cameras, which makes them extremely sensitive to stray light.

This means that a number of reflections must be controlled and stray light optimized in order to ensure high image quality.

ACKTAR aperture diaphragms or direct coating on other optical and opto-mechanical components within the endoscope – such as lens mounts – help to effortlessly master this stray light management inside endoscopes thanks to their maximum absorption properties.

Durable deep-black coating and/or coated components

From assembly and sterilization through to application, endoscopes are subject to strict standards with regard to environmental and operating conditions.

ACKTAR coating products are also suitable without restriction for endoscopy in this respect.

Sterilization after the procedure

An endoscope must also stand up to the prescribed hygiene measures after the medical procedure.

This means sterilization with moist heat or disinfectant agents in cleaning devices or thermal disinfection devices.

ACKTAR coating products also withstand these high temperature stability demands.

They are completely inorganic, bio-compatible, and unlike conventional black chrome they are also RoHS & REACH-compliant, and do not hinder medical product approval.

Properties of ACKTAR’s deep-black stray light absorbing coatings, film or completely black opto-mechanical components These properties have a direct effect on product performance and customer advantage of the endoscope camera
Maximum absorption of stray light in visible wavelength range (VIS) Improved image quality of the endoscope camera
Moisture and temperature resistant Increased performance and reliability of the endoscope
Clean / bio-compatible / RoHS & REACH compliant Diagnostic accuracy for medical practitioners & patients
Thin layer 5μm / sharp-edged / continuous edge Suitable for medical operating conditions

Microscopy drives biology, medicine and material science. Photonics drives microscopy.

Acktar is a leading supplier of Black Absorbing Coatings for opto-mechanical components, to minimize the stray light in the system increasing the NSR.

Alexander Telle, CEO at ACM Coatings, expain the challenges with microscopes, lasers and optics, and how Acktar Black Coatings can be used to solve it.
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