Deep Black Mat Elements for Ultimate Watch Design

In times of digital change, the mechanics, the precision and the technology inside a watch are becoming less and less important. Especially for mechanical watches that have to assert themselves against smart watches and digital substitutes, the watch design becomes the leading differentiator.

Mechanical watches have to grow beyond themselves – they are more jewelry than timepieces, they are an expression of personality, they are a statement.
High-quality and top-quality watch brands surprise with exciting designs. The watch design not only lives from striking shapes and high-contrast displays, modern and unusual materials also make watches unique..

Deep black housing bottoms, dials and clock hands

Deep black -the classic of simple elegance

No matter whether classic, retro, sporty, modern or emphasized technical, deep black ultra-mat housing bottoms, dials or hands are an absolute eye-catcher for every style and the ultimate styling element.

A graceful black remains above all trends. Black is noble and casual, just timelessly beautiful.
Black will always be high-end, especially if the surface is as mat as that of the deep black coating products from ACKTAR – a guarantee for a high-quality appearance of your watch design..Whether individual pieces, limited editions or series production – any number of pieces is possible.

ACKTAR products for watch design

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Ultra matt deep black elements for creative jewelry design

The ultra-matt, deep black, individual coatings from ACKTAR also offer jewelry designers an extreme range of Design options for individual jewelry, limited editions or entire collections.

The deep velvet black in combination with shiny precious metals or stones gives your jewelry creations a noble look.

ACKTAR coats frames, settings and carrier elements for gemstones as well as eyelets, discs, bead caps, end caps or necklace loops – to name just a few examples.


In principle, all parts used in jewelry design can be coated in deep black or are available as coated complete parts. Our coatings can be applied to almost all base materials: metals, ceramics, glass, and polymers. Deep black individual complete solutions can, for example, replace or partially use stones to create interesting patterns and geometries.

There are no limits to your creativity.

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