IqClock is one of the European Union Quantum flagship projects.
Its purpose is to bring the, extremely accurate, optical clocks from the laboratory into a robust and compact form.
This will have a large impact on:

  1. Telecommunication (e.g. network synchronization, traffic bandwidth, GPS free navigation)
  2. Geology (e.g. underground exploration, monitoring of water tables or ice sheets)
  3. Astronomy (e.g. low-frequency gravitational wave detection, radio telescope synchronization)
  4. and other fields

Acktar’s contribution to this important task:

One of the optical clocks problems is the existence of stray light which effects the SNR and the clocks accuracy.
To overcome this problem, Acktar’s superior black coating was selected to coat the optical clock’s “Ultra-high vacuum chamber”.
Acktar’s superior black coating will absorb the stray light, increase the SNR and increase the optical clock’s accuracy.

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