ACKTAR proudly introduces 3 new variants of laser beam dumps with an optimized design.

The flat laser beam dump LBD-F-80 is designed for up to 80mm (3.15in) laser beam diameter and achieves industry leading, unique thin design making it ideal for systems with limited space.

Furthermore, two more choices of tube laser beam dumps have been launched – the LBD-T-51 fo r 51mm (2in) beam diameter as well as the LBD-T-30 for 30mm (1.1in) beam diameter. For the 30 mm version, an additional replacement ring for C-mount with a maximum beam diameter of 24.7 (0.97”) is optionally available.

Black Coated Tube Laser Beam Dump 30mm, 51mm, 80mm

Besides the unique design, another major advantage of ACKTAR laser beam dumps is the very low reflectivity factor of less than 10-6. ACKTAR laser beam dumps are suitable for CW and pulsed beams up to 20W/cm2– for a wide range of wavelength: from EUV through VIS and up to LWIR.

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