ACKTAR’s Magic Black™ and Fractal Black™ deep black coatings were recently successfully tested by CECOM for use in ultra-high vacuum applications (10E-12 mbar) leading to the classification of ACKTAR as a qualified supplier.

CECOM, with headquarters in Rome, is a technology leader in precision mechanics and UHV applications. It is distinguished for its contribution to the discovery of the Higgs Boson and has worked together with leading organizations and companies, such as CERN, INFN, ENEA, and the LEONARDO Group.

Using CECOM UHV equipment, specific outgassing rates were measured for Acktar coatings – 1.32 E-13[mbar*l/(s*cm²)] for Magic Black™ and 2.92 E-13 [mbar*l/(s*cm²)] for Fractal Black™. Residual gas analysis (RGA) yielded 0.24% for both coatings.

Optical signals, optical information or laser radiation in a vacuum is necessary in numerous high-tech applications. Particle contamination and desorption of organic compounds disturb sensitive processes in an ultra-high vacuum atmosphere and therefore maintenance of cleanliness and keeping outgassing to a minimum have become very important.

The completely inorganic, minimally-outgassing, abrasion-resistant black coatings from ACKTAR are uniquely appropriate for stray light absorption and laser absorption in an ultra-high vacuum environment.

This subject is of great importance in many applications in science and research such as in particle accelerators. In industry the subject is critical in analysis and measurement technology (e.g.,spectrometry), semiconductor technology, medical technology and life science (e.g., electronmicroscopy) as well as in aerospace technology.

We will be happy to discuss this topic in depth with interested visitors at the W3+ Fair (21-22 February in Wetzlar) or at the PARIS SPACE WEEK (08-09 March in Paris).

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