Space Projects - Acktar black coatings

Space Projects

The unique qualities of Acktar black optical coatings have led to their application in a wide variety of satellite borne optical systems projects. Through these projects Acktar helps in the study and observation of earth, Mercury and other planets.

ESA / NASA James Webb Space Telescope – NIRSpec  EADS Astrium; Mullard – UK;  RUAG;  Selex Galileo Avionica; Austrian Aerospace; Zeiss; NASA GSFC
Magic Black / Titanium, Glass
Fractal Black / Invar, Aluminum
NASA EOS (Terra, Aqua and Aura)  Earth Observing System  NASA GSFC; Selex Galileo Avionica
Magic Black / Titanium, Aluminum
Fractal Black / Aluminum
 Canadian CAN X-2 Satellite  Nano Black
ESA Bepi ColomboMercury Mission Astrofein, Kayser-Threde; DLR;  Austrian Space Research Institute;  JAXA; Fraunhofer Magic Black / Titanium

Fractal Black / Aluminum, SS
International Space Station – ISS JAXA Magic Black / Aluminum
Star Trackers – various satellites EADS Sodern Magic Black / Aluminum
Star Trackers Jena Optronik Magic Black / Titanium
Vegetation Instrument replacement for SPOT5 OIP; Optimask; OHB / Kayser-Threde Magic Black / Titanium

Fractal Black / Nickel, Aluminum
Vacuum Black / Glass, Aluminum
Venus Project SatelliteFrance/Israel France / Israel Vacuum Black
Meteosat 3rd GenerationMTG satellites Frentech; Thales Alenia Space; Thales SESO; Kayser-Threde Fractal Black / Titanium
Earth Video Camera Berlin Space Technologies; Magic Black / Aluminum
EnMAP Hyperspectral Imager FISBA OPTIK; Kayser-Threde Fractal Black / Aluminum
SARah radar satellite Kayser – Threde Fractal Black / Aluminum
Galileo navigation satellites Kayser – Threde
Solar Orbiter – METIS CGS; DTM; Antares; SAB Magic Black / Titanium; Aluminum
Solar Orbiter – SPICE Slit Mechanism Almatech Fractal Black / Titanium
NEOSTEL – Near Earth Objects Survey CGS; OHB? Magic Black / Titanium
ESA Sentinel 2 – Earth Observation Jena Optronik; Swissoptic; COMDEV; ANTARES; Scarl Fractal Black / Titanium

Vacuum Black / Aluminum
Magic Black / Titanium, Aluminum; SS, Invar, Glass
ESA Sentinel 3 Jena Optronik Magic Black / Titanium
ESA Sentinel 4 Jena Optronik; CSL Liege Fractal Black, Magic Black, Gold
PRAXIS – Multi Channel Spectroscopy AIP Potsdam Fractal Black / Aluminum
CHEOPS – Space Telescope DLR; CSL Liege Fractal Black / Aluminum

DESIS – Earth Imaging Spectrometer Fraunhofer IOF Fractal Black, Magic Black
JUICE – Jupiter Moons Explorer MPI-MPS Magic Black / Aluminum
EUCLID – Space Telescope OHB Fractal Black / Titanium
MATS – Atmospheric Monitoring Omnisys Magic Black / Titanium
GHG Sat Toronto U – SFL Magic Black / Aluminum
Space project names not disclosed Israel Aerospace Industries; TNO; INO Canada; Bern U. Vacuum Black / Aluminum
Finmeccanica – DRS, Telespazio, Thales Alenia, MBDA Magic Black / Nickel
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Magic Black / Aluminum
POG Praezisionsoptik Gera Magic Black / Titanium
Universite’ de Lie’ge; MICOS; HTS –Hoch Technologie Systeme; Fraunhofer IOF Fractal Black / Aluminum
Terma A/S Magic Black / Aluminum, Titanium
Northrop Grumman Vacuum Black / Titanium, Al, BeCu
Rafael; Fraunhofer Fractal Black / SS
Azmerit LLC Vacuum Black / Al, Titanium, Glass