Meet the world’s largest global manufacturer of black coatings. Join NASA and the world’s leading companies in their use and appreciation of the blackest black quality products.

High Emissivity Coating in the Business

Choosing Acktar’s high emissivity coatings guarantees excellent light absorption, especially in ultraviolet, visible and near infrared wavelengths. The coating’s highly diffusive surface also assures minimal reflectance, from any direction, even at oblique angles.


Acktar’s high emissivity coatings are widely used in the space industry, in ultra-high vacuum semiconductor applications and in electro-optical technologies. The high emissivity coatings allow for passive thermal control both in production and in use, and increase shelf life while lowering thermal stress on your materials

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Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Requirement

Send us the parts and we will coat them for you:

Coatings directly applied to customer-forwarded parts in proprietary coating machines, located in our factory.

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The various standard Acktar coatings are each optimized for a specific spectral region – altogether covering everything from the EUV to LWIR.
The coatings can be applied to virtually all base materials of engineering interest – metals, ceramics, polymers, etc.
Acktar coatings are fully qualified for extreme environments – space, hi-vacuum, hi-temperature, cryogenic.
Most part sizes and geometries can be accommodated.
Masking is applied where certain surfaces are not to be coated.

Ready-made shelf products and black foils:

Adhesive-backed coated foils that can be self-applied by the customer according to his or her needs.
Optical baffles, apertures, beam dumps, extension tubes, remote sensing targets, optical choppers and edge blackened optics.

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The coated foils can be supplied as sheets, custom made pre-cut parts, or rolls.
The black-coated optomechanical components and mounts can be purchased online or produced according to your design. They are perfect for reducing noise, unwanted reflections and increasing the efficiency of the optical system.

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