Although the present situation is causing disruption, we at Acktar are open for business and are taking measures to ensure that we will continue to fully meet our customer commitments while strictly adhering to the directives of our government.

  • In addition to government directives concerning minimum distance between employees, no more than 2 people in a car, etc  we have introduced additional procedures:
    • In order to eliminate the possibility that the detection of an infected individual will lead to forced quarantine of an entire group of personnel in the relevant department we have divided our production activity into two shifts and a few subgroups that are not allowed to be in contact with each other for more than 15 minutes. If detection of an infected employee forces quarantine and shutdown of his shift the second shift can continue producing.
  • Work from Home – all company functions which do not require continuous physical presence in our facility have been transferred to “work from home”. We have further upgraded our already advanced communication facilities in order to support:
    • contact between people at home and other people at home
    • contact between people at home and the Acktar facility
    • video-conferencing for meetings which cannot be convened physically
  • In addition to the above we have instituted additional measures
    • All non-essential visits to Acktar have been cancelled and replaced by video calls
    • As a rule – no more than 1 person in a room. Where personal contact is required the 2 meter rule and a 15 minute maximum are enforced
    • Alcogel dispensers are located throughout the facility.
    • As we have hundreds of square meters of cleanroom many of our personnel already work under  Hepa filters which are most likely at least partially efficient for all kinds of viruses and bacteria.
  • And very important:   Acktar is characterized as a critical production facility in times of crisis and we expect this status to be reconfirmed in the current coronavirus pandemic if non-essential businesses are ordered closed by governmental decree.

As stated above – we expect to continue to meet our commitments  and will continue to update as the present situation develops. Our sympathies are with those who have been directly affected by the CoronaVirus and we look forward to calmer times.