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Straylight Sample Kit

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Coated Black Foils & Films

Acktar Coatings are available not only by direct application to parts, but also as coated foil or film.

The coated foils enable the customer to benefit from Acktar coatings performance without sending the parts to Acktar.

This is an ideal solution for very large quantities, over-sized part areas and for contaminated environments where the light absorbing surface needs to be periodically renewed.

The black foil coating available either with or without an adhesive backing as sheets, die-cuts or roll.

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Pinholes and Slits, Beam Dumps, Mount Tubes

These black-coated optomechanical components and mounts for optical applications are perfect to reduce noise, unwanted reflections and increase the efficiency of the optical system.

Optical baffles, apertures, beam dumps, extension tubes, blackened lenses, DMD projector parts, remote sensing targets, optical choppers, edge blackened optics can be purchased online or choose our coating services to blacken and coat your parts for best optical performance.

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Microarray slides & Microplates

3D biOptical Surfaces for improving bioassays

Microplates (a.k.a microtiter plates) and microarray slides for analysis and high-throughput screening as well as special products;
for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures and cell culture-based assays.

– For low detection limits

– Provides high binding, loading and absorptive capacities for biomolecules

With enhanced characteristics:

– Zero fluorescence background (ELISA – fluorescent detection)

– Extremely high light absorptance

– Improved signal to noise ratio

– With controlled structural and chemical properties

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Black Coating Services

Suppress stray light in high-performance optics with no extra effort using advanced optical black coatings for stray light absorption in ultra-violet, visible light spectrum and Infra-red wavelengths.

Extremely low reflectance, high thermal stability, high absorptance, high emissivity, excellent adhesion to essentially all materials and low outgassing in a few microns of a coating.

You say when and we coat it for you!

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