BlackOutTM Material


Please note this material is considered Second Grade in regards to cosmetic surface defects. First Grade Material – is offered under trade names: Metal Velvet™ at Coated Black Foils & Films Coatings applied by Acktar are subject to inspection and testing prior to shipment. The following Default Final Inspection Criteria will apply unless otherwise agreed upon in advance and in writing between Acktar and the customer. Note: Quantitative data carry a tolerance of +/- 10% unless otherwise specified.
  • Ultra - Diffusive-matte
  • Completely inorganic
  • Aluminum foil
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BlackOutTM Material 2nd Quality is an ultra-diffusive-matte material made of completely inorganic aluminum foil. It is designed to provide high optical performance and block out light, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications. Please note that this material is considered Second Grade due to cosmetic surface defects.

Test & Requirement

Optical Performance

Hemispherical reflectance VIS [%]: *Average 3%

Hemispherical reflectance NIR-SWIR [%]: *Average 3.5%

Hemispherical reflectance MVIR [%]: *Average 6%


Visual appearance

  • Diffusive
  • Coating appearance:
    • Shades of black are acceptable provided that measured reflectance is within spec.
    • Local areas with light-colorfulness are acceptable provided that reflectance is within spec.
  • There should be no evidence of flaking, peeling, or cracking.
  • Surface defects such as: scratches, spots, stains and digs are allowed provided that the accumulative area does not exceed 10% of the surface.
  • Deviation in flatness is allowed
  • Adhesive back: May contain wrinkles or air bubbles. A 5mm (max.) margin of a non-adhesive area is allowed around the edges.



  • Rolls length will carry a +/-10% tolerance.
  • Sheet size will carry a +/- 10% tolerance.

*Average is Calculated based on 10 Measurements over an area of 20x20cm

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