Hexa Black Noise Reduction Extension Tubes

Extremely effective noise and stray light reduction


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  • Extremely effective noise and stray light reduction
  • Adding a fixed spacing between components
  • Male / female C-mount threads at opposite ends
  • Available tube lengths: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm
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Hexa-Black noise reduction extension tubes are used as spacers to increase the image distance when using SM1, C-Mount and CS-Mount instruments for cameras and camera lenses.

The unique black material has nearly zero specular reflection at grazing angles, allowing higher SNR and lower noise in the system.

This range extender used in between lens and a camera to extend the focal length and increase the effective aperture of the lens, what will allow to focus the system at much closer distance.

Sample image using Hexa Black and anodized extention tubes

  • Wavelength range: 200nm – 5µm
  • Material: anodized aluminum lined with Acktar Hexa Black
  • Stray light rejection ratio: 8·10^-7


Stray light simulation with 100mm Hexa Black tube at simple 150mm image system:

Chart: Hemispherical reflectance at diffrent AOI


Chart: BRDF of Acktar Hexa-black at 4.6µm

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