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Lambertian Black Foil

Lambertian Black
Lambertian Black on part (3)
Lambertian Black under grazing light

Lambertian Black™ Foil  Like all Acktar coatings, Lambertian Black has extremely low reflectance in the EUV, UV, VIS up to LWIR regions.
In addition, this coating has high abrasion resistance and high cleanability.

  • Essentially zero outgassing
  • Vacuum and thermal-vacuum cycling compatible
  • No particulation
  • Only a few microns thick
  • Adhesion virtually to all substrate materials


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High Adhesion
Low Reflection
Temperature stability
REACH ROHS Compliant
Low Outgassing
Completely Inorganic


metals, glass, ceramics
Adhesion test (ref ECSS-Q-ST-13C)
Coated pieces withstand scotch tape test (3M853 Crystal Clear tape, strength of 13N per 25mm), without any evidence of coating removal.
Outgassing CVCM (%)
Outgassing RML (%)
Coating chemical content
completely inorganic
Surface resistivity
"Coated pieces withstand cleaning with ethanol, IPA or acetone with no change in optical and technical characteristics." Can be cleaned using clean cloth wiped with above mentioned solution.
Parts shape
Flat, (currently) simple 3D shape
Humidity Resistance
MIL-C- 48497A
ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001:2015, AS9100

Typical Properties

Lambertian Black

Lambertian BlackTM is the coating of choice ideal matt surface required, with lowest reflectance in the UV, VIS and IR regions.

In addition to its superior optical performance Lambertian BlackTM delivers high abrasion resistance, and can be easily cleaned using clean cloth wiped with a solvent:

Like other Acktar coatings, this is completely inorganic coating with many advantages such as zero outgassing, vacuum compatible and UV stable.

Detailed BRDF data is available.

Operational wavelengths
Coating thickness
Emissivity 3-10µm
Emissivity 3-30µm
Working temperature (°C)
-269 °C to 380 °C
Working temperature (°K)
4 °K to 653 °K
Weight of coating
0.7 - 1.1 (mg/cm²)
Light Abrasion resistance
(ref MIL-C-48497A)

Additional Details

Sample image under grazing light illumination – Lambertian BlackTM (left) vs diffusive black surface (right):

Lambertian Black under grazing light Diffusive surface under grazing light

Technically, a lambertian sourface exsibit isotropic luminance while the luminous (the emitted power of the light) obeys Lambertian cosine law.

Lambertian BlackTM exhibit nearly perfect Lambertian reflectance in all wavelengths (UV, VIS, IR), and characterized by following BRDF behaviour:

Lambertian Black BRDF @ 640nm Lambertian Black BRDF @ 4.6µm

* Detailed BRDF data is available.

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