Metal VelvetTM Black Foil


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  • Specular absorptance 99.9% & wide band performance
  • Ultra - Diffusive-matte
  • Completely inorganic
  • Aluminum foil
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Aluminium foil substrate thickness
115 microns typical
Coating thickness
5 microns typical
Adhesive thickness
60 microns typical (adhesive is optional and offered in Standard and Low outgassing)
Abrasion resistance
Humidity resistance
Storage conditions – adhesive limited
Indoor conditions, (approx. 21℃; RH approx. 50%)
Standard shelf life – adhesive limited
For best performance, apply adhesive and remove protective layer within 12 months of shipment from Acktar.
Compressed dry air / nitrogen
Delivery formats
Sheets, Rolls, Die-Cuts
ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001:2015, AS9100
Additional Details

Make your products stand out with our Metal VelvetTM Black Foil. This unique product offers specular reflectance well below 1% and wide-band performance in the EUV to FIR range. This highly diffusive matte coating is completely inorganic and applied on an aluminum foil substrate, ensuring UHV-vacuum and high-temperature compatibility.

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