Aluminum coating emissivity and outgassing comparison

Aluminum often found in electronics and optical measuring devices and in general, it is widely used because of its price and mechanical properties.

The downside of untreated, black painted or anodized aluminum arises when there’s a need in the highest possible emissivity. These are the cases where Acktar coatings are the most helpful.

Browse the table to see how Acktar’s coatings optical properties compared to other methods of coating:

Coating methodOutgassing RML (%)Outgassing CVCM (%)Coating thicknessEmissivity 3-10μmEmissivity 3-30μm
Black anodized0.050.720-150μm-0.82
Painted Black0.2-0.52-1020-125μm-0.91
Acktar coatings0.20.0013-10μm>0.97>0.88
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