Titanium (Ti) is a silvery gray metal, paramagnetic, not corrosive (after oxidation) high melting point and most commonly known for its light weight and strength.

Titanium does not exist in his pure form, but can be found in mineral alloys and iron mines. Commercial production of titanium was done only at the late 40’s of twenty century in the Kroll process due to its difficulties in isolating the element from the mineral rocks.

The most common use of the metal is Titanium Dioxide for the dying industry. The TiO2 is a permanent white pigment used in various applications such paper, paint etc.

Due to its properties 2/3 of commercially produced titanium alloys used in the military industry, for aircrafts, missiles and submarines.

It is also used in medical devises as implants as it is non toxic and non reactive metal.

Another application is for sunscreens, as it has wide optical dispersion and high index of refraction.