Protecting the Earth, one satellite at a time

Happy belated Earth Day!

We want to keep our Earth green, but greenhouse gases absorb radiation from the Sun, trap heat in our atmosphere, leading global temperatures to rise and plants to wither. The GHG satellites aim to curb those emissions, collecting crucial data using their nine-part constellation to help companies track emissions. And Acktar coatings are onboard!

Tiny yet powerful, these nanosatellites track carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) gases from low Earth orbit, taking up very little space, consuming lesser amounts of fuel, and delivering outstanding results!

But collecting such weather intelligence poses challenges, and that’s where Acktar’s black coatings truly shine! Stray light was a major concern for the GHGSat fleet, but Acktar seamlessly coated the baffle and vanes with our trademark Vacuum BlackTM to boost the craft’s stray light suppression at every angle possible.

For all our customers near and far, Acktar is a one-stop shop for providing black coatings for any of your mission needs! Our engineering team will be happy to hear your concerns, and with your blueprint can fully build your instruments – and coat them too!

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The use of Acktar coatings yield major improvements in a wide range of products and applications.

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