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Self-adhesive Coated Foils

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Acktar light-absorbing high-emissivity coatings are considered “best in the industry” for demanding applications – typically in stray light suppression.
The coatings are typically applied to customer parts in Acktar proprietary vacuum coating machines in the Acktar factory.

For application on very large surfaces or in cases where the customer prefers not to send his parts to the factory or where periodic renewal is required – this same performance is available in the form of Acktar self-adhesive coated foils.
These coated foils deliver the same premium optical performance as the directly applied coatings and serve to allow customers to benefit from this performance without sending parts to the factory.

Application of the foils is simple and an instruction video is provided by Acktar.
The Acktar foils are suitable for service in essentially all service environments including:

  • elevated temperature
  • cryogenic
  • vacuum
  • cleanroom
  • space

Acktar offers five standard foil types – as detailed in the table below.

The self-adhesive foils are available with either standard adhesive or low-outgassing adhesive for vacuum applications.

The foils are also available without adhesive.

The foils are available in several formats

  • Standard sized sheets
  • Rolls
  • Precuts – “stickers” cut to size by Acktar in compliance with dimensions and tolerances defined by a customer drawing

Availability – Acktar coated foils are available either from the Acktar webstore or from Edmunds.

Standard Acktar Self-adhesive Coated Foil Types

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The use of Acktar coatings yield major improvements in a wide range of products and applications.

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