Black oxide vs acktar vacuum black coating

Black Oxide Coating – Definition and Process 

Black oxide is a material used for coating materials such as stainless steel, copper, and zinc, which are all considered ferrous materials. This coating is unique because it will give you the same results as other finishes, but it is cheaper to do and has distinctive advantages. Black oxide is ideal for certain tools, such as UV and IR sensors and passive infrared detectors. This material is widely used in the military, automotive, electronic, and telecommunication industries. The products are coated chemically using a specific, complex process. 

There are three different coating methods: hot, middle temperature, and cold. Different materials use different coating methods because of their unique makeups and densities. The general process of black coating involves a chemical reaction that occurs when the ferrous material mixes with an alkaline aqueous salt solution at a certain temperature. The solution differs depending on which technique is being used. 

Hot black oxide coating consists of a hot bath of nitrates, nitrites, and sodium hydroxide.The interaction between the ferrous material andthe bath turns its surface to magnetite. Then, the material is dipped in alkaline cleaner, water, and caustic soda, making it turn black. Lastly, the material is coated in oil or wax. For mid-temperature black oxide coating, it is almost exactly the same process as the hot coating, however, the product blackens at a slightly different temperature. One advantage of this is that it doesn’t release caustic fumes. Cold coating is an entirely different process, as it doesn’t have to do with oxide conversion. Instead, it uses copper selenium to modify its product. The hot method usually produces the best results, but the cold method is easier to perform. Whichever method you use, the coating process is very complicated. Not just anyone can do it – you will need to hire a professional to coat your products. 

Benefits of Black Oxide Products

There are many benefits to using black oxide products. 

  • The coated products last for a long time.
  • The coating prevents corrosion because it makes products resistant to water.
  • You will be able to clean the products more easily since the metal is protected. You don’t have to worry about cleaning products tarnishing it. 
  • The finish will not chip off since it can only be removed mechanically or chemically, not with water or cleaning products. It also is unable to come off due to temperature changes, so it can be exposed to extremely high heat.  
  • Your tools will stay sharp for longer since it creates a sharp edge. This is especially useful for drills and screwdrivers. 
  • Black oxide is easier to coat with than other materials such as paint or plating because it doesn’t change the form of the product. The shape stays exactly the same since only the coloring of the metal changes.
  • Black oxide does not create a light glare, which is great for machines and hand-held tools since it won’t bother workers.
  • Black oxide adds thickness to steel.

Acktar Black vs. Black Oxide

There are certain flaws to regular black oxide. Some of them include that the coating processes involve ecologically dangerous baths, the oil and wax in coatings make them ill-equipped for vacuum or elevated temperature applications, and it is limited to only a few metals. Acktar black oxide, on the other hand, can successfully manage these issues. Acktar Ltd. offers some of the best coating services available worldwide. Acktar’s products are unique in quality, price, minimums, lead times, and technology. There are many specific advantages of choosing Acktar black oxide. First, Acktar’s coating has a superior low-reflectivity performance. Another advantage is that its coatings can be tailored for specific spectral and/or electrical conductivity requirements. The material Acktar uses is also completely ecologically clean. Last, it isn’t limited to a few metals and can be deposited on all engineering materials such as polymers and ceramics. Consider choosing Acktar Ltd. for your black oxide coating needs.