About Acktar Ltd.

Acktar is a world technology leader in the development, industrialization and production of light absorbing Black coatings based on vacuum deposition technologies.

We are proud not only of our coating’s unique optical and surface properties, but with our service and loyalty to our customers and to the environment by providing an ecologically clean, inorganic and completely nontoxic product that in many cases replace traditional processes that are sources of pollutants and toxic substances.

Applications of Acktar’s industrial coatings

  • Internal parts of optical systems.
  • UV, Visible and IR light absorbing tapes.
  • High specific surface area coatings, replacing etching, graining, anodizing and other processes.
  • Cold shields and other IR detectors parts.
  • Emitters, blackbodies.
  • Thermal radiators for thermal control system (with pre-determined solar absorptance / thermal emittance ratios).
  • Parts for thermographic cameras, night vision systems.
  • Radiation absorbing layers for temperature sensors.
  • Heat dissipation coatings for electronic systems.
  • High capacitance anode and cathode foils.

Quick Facts

Products & Services

Manufacturer of top performance light absorbing coatings from 13 nm to 50 microns, passive thermal control coatings ( black, white, and intermediate), edge blackened optics, black coated aluminum and polymer foils – die-cuts, sheets, and rolls, well plates and microarray slides


Kiryat Gat, Israel and Naumburg (Jena area) Germany




ACM Coatings GmbH, Acktar Japan

Industries Served

Aerospace, Optics/Photonics, Semiconductor, Electronics, Automotive, Biotechnology, Medical Devices

Regions Served

Acktar serves customers globally. See regional reps contact data

Future Products

Acktar is constantly expanding its r&d and production
capabilities in accordance with customers’ needs and marketing prospects.

Please see our latest developments of opto-mechanical components,
already available on the site.

Acktar’s Mission for the Environment
The environment is a key aspect in all Acktar’s activities.
This includes our offices, process, product as well

Our Office

Acktar has recently gone paperless. to do so we added a new computerized system, allowing easy access to all necessary information. and any papers still found around are collected and recycled.


Our Process and Product

The basic nature of Acktar’s coating processes do not include the use of any environmentally damaging materials and therefore do not generate any undesirable waste. The process itself is an engineered surface with a controlled topology, created by vacuum deposition of inorganic and completely non-toxic materials on a substrate.

By replacing “old” processes such as: Chemical etching and anodizing, that include the use of environmentally dangerous materials and generate toxic waste, we eliminate all costs of treating toxic waste and can offer not only more competitive prices but provide a unique and higher quality of product, the basis for an ecologically friendly product.


For more information on Acktar please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Acktar ltd. is located in Kiryat-gat, Israel, with a subsidiary in Germany.
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