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The use of Acktar coatings yields major improvements in a wide variety of products and applications.

Read about the main markets and industries where our coatings are is use:


Our space-qualified coatings provide solutions for stray light suppression, passive thermal management, and ATOX protection. With more than 50 space projects and 30,000 coated parts already in space, Acktar’s space heritage reaches far and wide. From LEO to L2, from the Sun to Jupiter - our coatings are proof that the sky is not the limit! Explore More
Space ACKTAR_alternativ


Between cutting-edge commercial technologies and in-development prototypes, our coatings are used in automotive cameras, sensors and LIDARs, making your ride safer and smoother. No rain, or snow, or dust can hinder our performance - with our coatings, the road ahead is clear! Explore More


In the delicate process of semiconductor production, our coatings provide multiple protections for your equipment. Acktar Black enhances heat and electric charge dissipation, protects from oxidation and laser damage, and also improves performance during lithography and etching. Explore More
Litho Black in semiconductors


In optical and photonic applications, suppressing unwanted light is as important as enhancing the desired one. Acktar coatings are able to selectively suppress stray light and significantly increase signal-to-noise ratio, so you get the clearest and most accurate readings and images from your sensors. Explore More


Lasers are a powerful and versatile tool, but require careful handling. For safer use, an environment that can withstand direct exposure is invaluable. Acktar coatings have a high laser damage threshold and can dissipate heat efficiently - perfect for catching a stray beam before it can cause damage. Explore More


Any life-saving, and life-improving, endeavor has to start from an accurate diagnosis and lead to correct treatment. New biomedical technology can see tissue, cells and even DNA, clearer than ever - due to correct managing of stray light. With spectroscopy to identify the issue, and endoscopy to allow less invasive surgery, Acktar's coatings make for better healthcare. Explore More


Acktar Black™ is not only a coating service. At Acktar, we provide decades long expertise in all-around coating solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. The secret sauce to the quality that we provide to our customers lies in our unique insights globally in such a variety of markets. Our Full Turn Key projects offer our new and existing customers the opportunity to enhance their parts performance comfortably in a guaranteed quality & quantity. Explore More
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