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The use of Acktar coatings yields major improvements in a wide range of products and applications.
Below is a list of our main marketing and contribution areas:


We deliver space-qualified coating solutions for stray light suppression, passive thermal management, and ATOX protection. With more than 50 space projects and 30.000 coated parts already in space, Acktar’s space heritage reaches almost anywhere in the Solar System. Whether it is LEO, GEO, Moon, Mars or L2 - name the place, we are already there! Explore More
Space ACKTAR_alternativ


Acktar’s coatings can not only fly but also perform well on four wheels! Automotive sensors, LiDARs and other cameras are more reliable and accurate when Acktar Black TM is used to reduce their reflection and glare. They can also help reduce the impact of external environmental factors such as sunlight, rain, snow, dust, moisture or temperature fluctuations resulting in better visibility for drivers and more precise and useful data for autonomous driving and other applications. Explore More


Our coatings protect against degradation of semiconductor equipment. Enhancing heat dissipation, reducing electromagnetic interference or preventing oxidation is only a number of examples that Acktar Black TM can offer. Whether it is protecting your MEMS system against environmental factors, providing antistatic coating or improving durability for lithography masks; higher yields, more accurate manufacturing processes and better performances can be achieved. Explore More
Litho Black in semiconductors


Black coatings are primarily used to suppress unwanted straylight, to reduce reflections, glare, lens fare and to increase contrast in a wide range of applications such as smartphones, virtual reality (VR) devices, microscopes, telescopes and more. The result is sharper, more vibrant and detailed images, higher resolution and lower signal to noise ratios. Acktar’s superior black coatings can also enhance the performance and selectivity of optical filters resulting in better control over the spectral characteristics of light. This can be important in many applications eg. colorimetry or fluorescence microscopy where precise control over the spectral properties of light is critical. Explore More


Sensors and Imaging devices are key markets for Black coating applications. Enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio of sensors and improving their sensitivity is very important in environmental monitoring, structural health monitoring, or industrial sensing, where early detection of potential issues is critical eg. quality control, inspection, robotics or machine vision. In high-end imaging and display technology, image quality enhancement and reducing power consumption are of high importance to better viewing experience and longer battery life. With the growing popularity of augmented and virtual reality applications in entertainment, gaming, education, and other fields, Acktar Black TM can play an important role in improving the overall user experience. Explore More


Laser is not only for Star Wars fans! High-power lasers generate significant amounts of heat, which can affect their performance and longevity. Black coatings can be used to dissipate heat efficiently, resulting in more reliable and longer-lasting laser systems. Also, if you are looking to trap unwanted laser beam light, we have the perfect beam dump solutions at hand for you! Explore More


Black coating saves lives. From biomedical imaging to medical devices, Acktar Black TM is present to offer first aid by reducing straylight, reflections, glare and enhancing contrast. This can especially be important in applications such as endoscopy where precise and accurate imaging is critical. It can also protect imaging systems from biological fluids or other contaminants, resulting in longer lifetimes and more reliable performances. In spectroscopy applications (spectrophotometers and fluorescence microscopes), the dynamic range of systems can be improved allowing the detection of weaker signals which is particularly useful in drug discovery and clinical diagnostic applications. In Bioanalytics, thermal noise and other interference sources can be reduced, resulting in more reliable and repeatable measurements. Explore More


Acktar Black TM is not only a coating service. At Acktar, we provide decades long expertise in all-around coating solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. The secret sauce to the quality that we provide to our customers lies in our unique insights globally in such a variety of markets. Our Full Turn Key projects offer our new and existing customers the opportunity to enhance their parts performance comfortably in a guaranteed quality & quantity. Explore More
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