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Coated Black Foils kit packages

Acktar Coating is an ideal product for those looking to maximize their performance without the hassle of directly applying it. Coated foils are a great solution for large parts and an environments where surface renewal is needed often. The black foil coating comes in packages that include sheets, die-cuts, rolls and specialized adhesive backing, providing maximum…
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Advantages of using aluminum coating

Aluminizing steel is a process in which an aluminum coating is applied to a metal surface. This coating provides a number of advantages, primarily corrosion resistance. Aluminum has a self-protecting characteristic to oxidation that gives it enhanced resistance to corrosion and rusting. It can withstand many harsh environmental conditions that other metals cannot, making it an…
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The Acktar coatings can be deposited either on top of the anodize or in its place.

What is Black anodized aluminum?

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that thickens and toughens the naturally occurring oxide layer on metal surfaces, providing excellent corrosion and wear resistance. This process is also used to dye metal components and increase their aesthetic appeal. Anodizing can be done in a variety of colors, including black. Other benefits of the anodizing process include heat…
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Acktar Black Light Absorbing coatings provide an advantageous alternative.

Black oxide coating

Black oxide coating is an efficient method of protecting metals from corrosion, wear and tear and other environmental hazards. It is a chemical bath process which creates a micron-thick layer of iron oxide on the surface of the metal which helps to increase its durability and strength. The black oxide coating also provides an attractive finish…
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Precise analysis of water, soil and air in environmental analysis applications

Climate change and the pollution of soil, air and water increasingly threaten the balance of our habitat and pose numerous global challenges. Microplastics, pesticides, tensides and many other substances pose a high risk potential for humans & animals. The versatile methods and tools of environmental analytics help to analyse hazardous substances that pollute our environment. Increase…
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Acktar’s Ultra Black Coating helps take amazing solar images!

The ultra-black ACKTAR Magic BlackTM coating the Metis measuring instrument of the Solar Orbiter, prevents stray light from outshining the fainter solar corona and thus making reliable measurements possible.The Solar Orbiter (SolO), a mission of ESA's international Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 science program, is designed to provide new insights into processes in and on the sun. To…
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Stray Light Suppression in Lens Housings

By David Alster A typical lens consists of several refractive elements housed together in a housing.The housing has several functions:Protection of the refractive elementsMaintenance of the correct spacing between the elementsMaintenance of centering between the elementsWhere required – generation of thermal correctionMechanical features for interface with a systemThese functions are performed using spacers and internal steps…
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metallic tube coated with ultra black coating from the inside

Emmisivity in Passive Thermal Management

By David AlsterAll devices generate waste heat as a by-product of their operation. This heat needs to be dissipated in order to avoid the generation of undesirable high temperatures and damage to the devices.The waste heat can be dissipated from a device by one of several mechanismsConduction to a housing or any other larger heat-sinkConduction to…
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Acktar Lambertian Black™ ( Left) vs Powder Black ( Right )

Everything You Need To Know About Black Wrinkle Powder Coatings

Wrinkle powder coatings appear textured and crackled. They come in single color tones, and many include additional metallic for elevated color and shine. Wrinkle powder coatings provide both decorative and functional purposes as they are chemical resistant and have superb mechanical properties. Wrinkle Powder Coating application There are four key factors to wrinkle powder coating applications…
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Acktar Black Metal Velvet for perfect particle free flocking

Anti reflection Film – The Best Solution to Glare on Reflective Surface

What is an Anti-Reflection Film? Anti-reflection film is a type of optical coating that minimizes reflection when placed on surfaces of optical materials such as lenses. This anti-reflection coating often appears as a transparent thin film with contrasting refractive index layers. The Purpose of Anti-reflection Film Reducing the overall reflection properties of an optical material has…
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