Spider silk is of great interest for scientists due to strength and flexibility, hence, valuable various applications, in medical and engineering fields. Researchers have been studying spider webs and silk patterns for quite a while trying to analyze its properties and searching for potential applications. The use of spider silk in the development of synthetic materials is one area of active research.

Researchers use a variety of methods recording spiders building their webs and analyzing the properties of the silk. While spider silk is of great value  is difficult to get large amounts of it  due to the small size produced by spiders. One way to advance is to develope synthetic spider silk that similar properties. Possible application for silk are in textiles and  biomedical fields.

One important factor in studying spider behavior is providing a high-contrast background for imaging and measurement purposes.

In a recent study, researchers used Acktar’s Spectral Black Foil as a background material during behavioral assays. The Spectral Black Foil is designed to absorb light across a broad spectral range, which helps to eliminate reflections and provide a high-contrast background. The use of Acktar’s Spectral Black Foil in this research highlights the effectiveness of the material in improving imaging and measurement of behaviors in research studies.

Acktar’s Spectral Black Foil has many uses beyond studying spider behavior. It’s used in the aerospace industry to make satellites and telescopes take better pictures by reducing the amount of reflected light. The defense industry also uses it to improve targeting systems by reducing glare and reflections that can make accuracy worse. In the medical industry, it’s used to make surgical instruments less reflective and improve the quality of images in diagnostic equipment.

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The use of Acktar coatings yield major improvements in a wide range of products and applications.

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