Improved sensor properties in automotive applications with ACKTAR black coatings

Future mobility will prioritize safety and comfort for drivers, with a continued trend towards incorporating more sensors and cameras in modern vehicles. Modern vehicles will thereby require a higher number of sensors and cameras that provide driver assistance systems (ADAS) and electronic control units with reliable measurement data.

Especially in view of the fact that the realization of self-driving cars is within tangible reach, this trend will continue to grow in the automotive sector. Here is our link tip on the future of mobility.

SUV on the road with sensing graphic pattern retouched

Top view of self-driving SUV on the road with sensing graphic pattern retouched. night traffic. 3D rendering image.

Driver assistance systems – Increased performance & efficiency of sensors in the automotive sector

Automotive applications bring extreme challenges when it comes to optical sensors, cameras and LIDAR systems.

Their performance is affected by extreme temperatures, both high and low.

Additionally, vibrations and interference can arise from factors such as dirt, moisture, or backlighting.
Darkness also impedes reliable signal detection.

The environmental conditions mentioned here require an optimum balance of durability and reliability of sensor technology on the one hand – and their size and cost factor on the other.

ACKTAR products help create this balance.

Deep-black coatings for stray light reduction film
or completely black opto-mechanical components from ACKTAR provide:

  • Improvement of the dynamic range / sensitivity of cameras
  • Increased sensor precision
  • Increased performance and reliability of LIDAR systems

These technological improvements have a direct effect on the product benefits
and cost factor of sensor and camera systems:

  • Higher image quality – more details are detected
    Increased sensor precision
  • Signals are detected faster and safer
    Increased performance and reliability of LIDAR systems
  • Reduced complexity
  • Lower costs through the application of more economic sensors

VISION systems for process automation in the automotive sector

ACKTAR products can also improve the sensors and VISION systems applied in production processes and in the automotive industry. Safe and fast signal detection enables more efficient process control. Industrial safety and protection of people in automated production environments also relies on the reliability of the VISION systems being used.

Image processing systems for quality assurance in the automotive sector

ACKTAR products are just as relevant in image processing systems used for quality assurance in the automotive industry. Material inspection and quality assessment of parts, component assembly, and interior and exterior components are all critical tasks. Automated classification of materials and colors is equally important. These tasks necessitate high-performance optical sensors and camera systems.


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