Custom Sample Kit



Choose your Acktar light-absorbing coated samples for all applications! Whether you need a rigid plate sample or an Acktar coated foil, you can pick and choose the right combination for your needs. The samples cover all spectral wavelengths from EUV to FIR, on virtually all substrates: metals, glass, polymers, ceramics and more!

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Mix and match 6 samples from the list below or 4 samples and 2 coated 3D parts such as a small cap or aperture.

To finalize your sample kit or if you need assistance picking the right ones, please contact an Acktar representative.

Sample format Coating type Substrate Code
Coated self-adhesive foil

45 x 39 mm

Metal Velvet Aluminum MV
Lambertian Black Stainless steel LB
Spectral Black Aluminum SB
Maxi Black Polyamide (kapton) MXB
Coated plate

40 x 40 mm

Magic Black Stainless steel MBS
Aluminum MBA
Vacuum Black Stainless steel VBS
Aluminum VBA
Glass (25x75mm) VBG
Fractal Black Aluminum FBA
Stainless steel FBS
Ultra Black Aluminum UBA
Stainless steel UBS
Small, coated 3D part
(cap, vane, aperture)
 Custom, subject to availability Aluminum / Stainless steel
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