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Lambertian Black FoilExtremely Black at UV-VIS-IR
Magic Black CoatingExtremely Black at EUV-VIS-NIR
Vacuum Black CoatingExtremely Black at UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR
Metal Velvet Black FoilUltra Diffusive Wideband Absorbing Aluminum Foil150$5,610$
Fractal Black CoatingBroad band UV – VIS – LWIR
Ultra Black CoatingLWIR Selective Absorbtance
Nano Black CoatingLow Emissivity Black
MaxiBlack FoilDiffusive Black Abrasion Resistant Polyimide Film195$5,610$
Hexa Black Light Trap SheetsWide-band absorption at grazing angles out to 88˚265$
Precision Pinholes & Air SlitsWide-band, low reflectance from UV through VIS to NIR coating83$
Hexa Black Noise Reduction Extension TubesExtremely effective noise and stray light reduction80$165$
Light Absorbing Panels - Hexa Black, Metal Velvet, Spectral BlackWide-band absorption at grazing angles from 0 ˚ to 88˚37$248$
Spectral Black foil Semi - Specular Wideband Absorbing Aluminum Foil150$5,610$
BlackOutTM Material
2nd Quality
Diffusive Foil42$1,309$
Laser Beam DumpsFor CW and pulsed beams up to 10W/cm2 at range 200nm - 10µm45$295$
Light Absorbing Sample KitVery low reflection189$199$
Die Cut Black LabelsTight-tolerance ultra black78$285$
Stray Light Control Kit2D or 3D preforms!129$
Litho Black CoatingWafer Level Patternable