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Die Cut Black Labels

Acktar’s Die-Cut Black Labels
newly manufactured Die-Cut Black Label stripe
Acktar’s Die-Cut Black Labels applied to metal component
Acktar’s Die-Cut Black Labels
Acktar’s Die-Cut Black Labels
Die cut black labels for simple DIY black coating
Die-Cut Black Labels

Tight-tolerance ultra black coating labels manufactured to your specific drawing allows in-house application of Acktar black coatings.

Standard sizes are also available.

This is a simple, cost effective solution for parts that cannot be coated at our facility.

Available in: Metal VelvetSpectral Black / MAXiBLACK

To order a customized die-cut please contact us

  • Metal Velvet / Spectral Black / MAXiBLACK
  • Ultra -Diffusive-matte / Semi-Specular / Diffusive
  • Metal / Metal / Polymer
  • 120 microns / 130 microns / 80
  • 180 microns / 190 microns / 110 or 140 microns


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Space Qualified
Low Reflection
Low Thickness
Temperature stability
Light Weight
REACH ROHS Compliant
Low Outgassing

Key Features and Advantages

  • Conformal thin flexible foil
  • Cost-effective, Mass Production solutions
  • Ready for use – easy to handle and install
  • Appropriate for plastic and metal parts
  • Low outgassing adhesive

Typical applications

  • Laser beam dump
  • Projectors & Displays
  • Baffles & apertures
  • Thermal management
  • Spectrometers

Getting Started with Acktar Stray Light Control Kit
The Acktar Stray Light Control Kit incorporates a selection of precut shapes.

These kit can be used to gain familiarity with the performance and for testing – or for solving a variety of laboratory stray light problems.


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