At the start of 2024, Acktar is looking to further empower the future with our black coatings.

Whether rain or shine, we rely on apps to track the weather forecast before stepping out the door. For millennia, humankind has looked to the skies to try and deduce weather patterns.

Source: ESA

The expansion of actionable satellite data has brought the winds of change to our lives. Precise weather forecasts play a crucial role in whether to wear warmer clothing to significant economic decisions, such as when to plant and harvest crops, or in charting cargo shipping and air freight routes to avoid storms and poor visibility.

Source: ESA

Weather data: from satellite to app

Enter ESA’s Arctic Weather Satellite, which is scheduled to launch in June 2024, and will enhance short-range weather forecasting and numerical weather prediction, arming providing meteorologists with data to improve your daily app forecasts. This mission will provide measurements of atmospheric humidity and temperature to boost predictive analyses.

Like many space missions, Acktar is onboard. Our Vacuum BlackTM will be used on the Arctic Weather Satellite to suppress straylight on the spacecraft’s microwave radiometer. We’re proud to work with a team of researchers in Europe to help coat the microwave radiometer.

This tool will enable to make your local weather report more accurate. The next time you check your weather app, take a glance heavenwards – we’re up there!

3 circular metallic components coated with acktar's Vacuum Black coating

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