Spectral BlackTM Foil


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  • Semi-Specular
  • Completely Inorganic
  • Aluminum foil
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Aluminium foil substrate thickness
125 microns typical
Coating thickness
5 microns typical
Adhesive thickness
60 microns typical (adhesive is optional and offered in Standard and Low outgassing)
Abrasion resistance
Humidity resistance
Storage conditions – adhesive limited
Indoor conditions, (approx. 21℃; RH approx. 50%)
Standard shelf life – adhesive limited
For best performance, apply adhesive and remove protective layer within 12 months of shipment from Acktar.
Compressed dry air / nitrogen
Delivery formats
Sheets, Rolls, Die-Cuts
ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001:2015, AS9100

Additional details

Spectral Black™ coating – delivers wide band low reflectance for FUV, UV, VIS, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR.

Spectral Black™ is applied in a wide range of demanding stray light suppression and other applications and is now available in coated foil form for application where direct coating of parts is not practical.

The foil is available with a self-adhesive backing for application to any desired surface. For severe humidity conditions Spectral Black HP ™ coating is recommended.

Optical performance

spectral black optical performance chart

Working Temperatures
Without adhesive
Long term -196℃ to +350℃, short term up to +400℃
With standard adhesive
Long term -40℃ to +121℃, short term up to +177℃
With low-outgassing adhesive
Long term -50℃ to +150℃, short term up to +260℃
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