Complete production of your opto-mechanical drawing parts

One-stop shopping for deep black customized components


The application of innovative photonics technologies is often an elementary solution to the many challenges that our modern society brings with it. The efficiency and reliability of an optical or electro-optical system depends on the perfect interaction of the optical and precision mechanical components used. Their system efficiency can be strongly influenced by disturbing stray light. This must be avoided.

Opto-mechanical components for the purpose of mounting, aligning or moving optical components are required in numerous optical and optoelectronic instruments and devices, e.g. solid state lasers, endoscopes, telescopes, microscopes, cameras or lenses.

Scattered light optimization should be considered already during system development, since even minimal constructive imperfections in the system design can lead to unwanted scattered light, which has a negative influence on the overall system.


ACKTAR’s deep black complete parts are available as ready-to-use finished parts from one source directly from us.

Advantages of One-Stop-Shopping for your opto-mechanical drawing parts

This not only guarantees optimum technical performance, but also saves one process step in the procurement of opto-mechanical components. This also means a streamlining of your supply chain and shorter delivery times through time savings in logistics as well as in import & export.

ACKTAR bundles its own and fine-mechanical services from cooperation partners under one roof in order to offer you a central and reliable point of contact for your blackened drawing parts. We have competent partners for:

     Etching      Rotating      Milling   Laser cut

Ätzen_Komplettfertigung_ACM CoatingsDrehen_Komplettfertigung_ACM CoatingsFräsen_Komplettfertigung_ACM CoatingsLaserschneiden_Komplettfertigung_ACM Coatings

Customized opto-mechanical components & parts

Beyond our standardized products, which you can find in our webshop, we offer customized solutions for your project.

In addition to mechanical mounting and angle brackets, optic brackets & optic mounts, filter mounts, filter wheels, optical rails, apertures, lens tubes, adapters, connectors, components for beam delivery and for lens systems, our portfolio includes many other opto-mechanical system components and accessories.

Examples of customer-specific ready-to-use parts of opto-mechanical components

Komplettfertigung Ätzen

Stainless Steel etch,
4-7 mµ

Komplettfertigung Drehen

Stainless Rotating,
Size: 97 mm (outsideØ),
Length: 83,5 mm
3-5 mµ

Komplettfertigung Fräsen

Aluminum Milling, FractalBlack
5-15 mµ

Komplettfertigung Laserschneiden

Copper Laser cut,
3-5 mµ

Our full service for your opto-mechanical drawing parts

We perform direct coating as a service. Furthermore, assembly as a service or the delivery of complete drawing parts including mechanical processing and foil assembly / direct coating is also possible. Our full service consists of the complete mechanical production including coating or assembly of our deep black foil products.

Your minimum effort: give us your drawing and we will take care of the complete implementation.

Complete Manufacturing

Your advantages of our complete solutions

  • Saving Time due to less effort for supplier management & communication
  • One central contact for several sections of the supply chain
  • Individual, tailor-made solutions from one source of a specialist
  • Cost and resource savings, use of economies of scale, process optimization and synergies

Benefit from our expertise for your project!

The requirements for opto-mechanics can vary greatly, depending on whether they are used in the construction of prototypes, a small series or mass production. Depending on the application and functional purpose, different ACKTAR coatings on the required opto-mechanical components can be useful. We will determine the most sensible solution for you, regardless of whether your project focuses on absorption performance, cost, or mechanical stability and durability.

We bring our expertise in scattered light optimization to every project, from the smallest quantities.

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