As 2023 comes to a close, we at Acktar are proud to look back at what we have accomplished this year.
From the largest telescopes exploring the farthest regions of space to the tiniest endoscopes solving new mysteries and helping to explore the human body, Acktar contributed.

This year we engineered coatings for tiny endoscopes with miniature cameras which provide new capabilities in brain research and treatment. These endoscopes will assist medical researchers and doctors in mapping and understanding neurological maladies better thus contributing to the development of advanced cures. Celebrating life and contributing to the advancement of science is a source of pride for us here at Acktar.

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In Space – one of our major efforts in 2023 was our participation in the NASA/ESA JUICE – Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer mission. JUICE has embarked on a seven-years long journey which will see the spacecraft carry out detailed observations of the giant gas planet and its three large ocean-bearing moons (the icy moons) in a search for signs of possible habitats for living organisms. The Acktar coated parts onboard the scientific instruments boost their ability to suppress straylight while collecting high-quality data, deepening our understanding of the Solar System. As always – our coatings are fully space qualified, extremely durable and are built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in space. Reaching new horizons, and facilitating scientific discovery has been a continuing contribution of Acktar as evidenced by our three-decades-long space heritage.

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