Acktar Fixed Price Initial Lot Plan - Acktar black coatings

Acktar Fixed Price Initial Lot Plan

In order to facilitate and simplify the initial phases of a new application of Acktar coatings Acktar will undertake the coating of 1-2 examples of a new part at a fixed price with no RFP or proposal necessary.

This offer and the fixed price are subject to the following conditions:


Fixed price: $810 – all inclusive:  tooling, coating and shipment DAP. The price is conditional upon compliance with the limitations detailed below. In cases where compliance with the limitations is not possible a proposal will be provided by Acktar.

Price Conditions

  • Material
    • metals (excluding brass); ceramics, glass, silicon. 
    • Polymers conditional upon customer guarantee the material can withstand 120°C process temperature with no outgassing or release of other contaminants. Questionable cases require Acktar factory approval in advance.
  • Part size – not to exceed 250x150x60 mm
  • Quantity – not to exceed 2 parts
  • Coating type – Magic Black, Vacuum Black, Ultra Black, Nano Black or Fractal Black
  • Masking requirements
    • Little or no masking 
    • Significant masking requires a proposal from Acktar
  • Custom documentation or testing – subject to additional charge








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