Aluminium (Al) is a silvery white, most common metal known so far (~8% of earth solid core). It does not exist as a pure metal but an alloy of metals that can be separated by electrolysis.

The creation of natural Aluminum was by fusion process of Hydrogen and Magnesium in the Supernovae or on the large stars. The Al in nature is in a form of a mineral.

Aluminium is one of the most widespread materials in the industry, traded in the LME (London Metal Exchange).

As it is a good thermal conductor and under certain conditions can even be a superconductor.

Non corrosive (in its oxidized form) soft and light weighted material. Due to that has wide range of application from mirror finish coatings (very high reflection coatings from the UV to the far IR spectrum), space and civil aircraft industry, to kitchen knives and window profiles.

Another application is the black anodized aluminium. Al tends to do self passivation when exposed to oxygen and unlike other metals oxidized aluminum is stronger and more resistant to corrosion then the natural element.

The black anodized aluminium is more susceptible to dying process (due to expended surface layer of the metal) and can be used for optical telescopes as black anodized aluminium and as aluminium coating materials for other industries.

We can find aluminium in a thin film, powder, liquid and solid forms.