Enhancing the performance of optical systems and improving image quality with Acktar
October 9, 2019
4 years ago
Acktar products sold by Edmund Optics
August 9, 2019
4 years ago
Hexa-Black Absorbing Sheets are used to eliminate light reflectance at grazing angles up to 90° AOI.
March 27, 2018
5 years ago
Black coated light absorbing foils make it possible to benefit from the unique performance without the need to ship parts to our facility
August 24, 2016
7 years ago
To ensure best performance of the Light Absorbing Black Foils, we recommend on the procedures showed in the Video
June 20, 2016
7 years ago
Black coating can strongly influence your image quality. For best performance choose the right black
May 18, 2016
7 years ago
How black is your black? See how Acktar Black coating reflectivity compare to other black coatings at Near IR
May 26, 2015
8 years ago
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